Friday, January 24, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things: Or Leftovers!

 So this is one of the yummy dishes I sometimes throw together and then regret that I don't remember what I did so I could make it again later. It is leftovers--but completely different than the original dishes. I had leftover chicken breast, left over jalapeno, part of a bag of frozen spinach, an onion, and a bunch of mushrooms--along with a couple of portobello mushrooms.

There is a local food co-op nearby that buys food in bulk and sells it out of a warehouse at low prices. The veggies are of mixed quality, sometimes good, sometimes bad--but one thing they do very well is local foods. They have a variety of meats, cheeses, dairy, eggs, and these mushrooms--all from local growers. Unlike most of the other locally grown products, these mushrooms are actually a LOT less expensive than what you'd find in the store. These mushrooms were 62 cents each--as compared to 2$ for one at the grocery store. Plus local and fresher!

So I diced the onion and set it all to fry in a skillet sprayed with cooking spray--once it had started to soften I tossed in the diced mushrooms, and leftover jalapeno. I added chili powder, cumin, garlic, and salt and pepper--along with some red pepper. I chopped some leftover shredded chicken and added it to the pan. That sauteed while I defrosted and drained the frozen spinach, which was stirred in. The portobellos were grilled on the George Foreman grill one at a time and tossed in the oven to keep warm after. While the mushrooms cooked, I stirred in some cream cheese to the saute pan.

Once the mushrooms were grilled, they were topped by the sauteed vegetables, with chopped avocado sprinkled on top.

The Verdict: A quick and healthy meal--heavy on the veggies, with some lean protein, healthy fats, and a good dose of heat! Stuffed portobellos are among my favorite foods--and I'm so glad I found a source for them on the cheap so I can eat my fill without feeling guilty! I made enough for dinner tonight and lunch at work tomorrow, which makes this a success in my books. Plus there was some extra topping that I'll put in my breakfast eggs. This is where the good eating is at!

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